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The Leading Forum on Health Care Predictive Modeling Implications, Strategies and Solutions for Care Management, Underwriting, Profiling and Related Activities

December 13 - 14, 2007
Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
Washington, DC

Second National Predictive Modeling
September 22 - 23, 2008, Washington, DC

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Chief Medical Officer, Predictive Health, LLC, Phoenix, AZ
Leslee J. Budge, MBA
Senior Manager, Population Care Information Support Services, Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute, Oakland, CA
Dogu Celebi, MD, MPH
Senior Vice President Clinical Affairs, Ingenix, Eden Prairie, MN
Ian Duncan, FSA, MAAA
President, Solucia Inc., Farmington, CT
Anju Joglekar, PhD
Senior Scientist, DxCG, Boston, MA
Steve Johnson, PhD
Mercer, Phoenix, AZ

Vincent Kane, FSA, MAAA
Research Scientist, DxCG, Boston, MA
Paul H. Keckley, PhD
Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Deloitte & Touche USA LLP, Associate Professor, School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University, Advisor, HealthGate, Washington DC
Soyal Momin, MS, MBA
Manager, R&D and Consulting, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN
Clive Riddle
President, MCOL, Modesto, CA
Russell D. Robbins, MD, MBA
Principal & Senior Clinical Consultant, Mercer, Norwalk, CT
Linda Shields, RN, BSN
Senior Associate, Mercer Government Human Services Consulting, Phoenix, AZ


Predictive Modeling provides a risk assessment and adjustment process that applies available data to identify persons "at risk" for much higher than average future medical service utilization. Predictive modeling can be used for functions including case management, disease management, needs assessment, quality improvement, premium rate setting, and provider reimbursement. Predictive Modeling requires an existing data repository, in which data is mined, and an analytic rules based model is applied from a historical timeframe to predict a future timeframe.

The National Predictive Modeling Summit provides the leading forum on the techniques, technologies, strategies, innovations, and case experiences involved with predictive modeling clinical and actuarial applications for health plans and related settings.

The Summit provides nationally renowned keynote speakers, plus concurrent sessions organized into conference tracks including:

  • Basics and Administrative
  • Actuarial Applications
  • Innovations and Consumer Driven
  • Health Plan Populations
  • Clinical Applications

Presentations during the Summit will provide the most current information, experiences and solutions available regarding: demonstrating outcomes, value and return on investment; predictive modeling tools for case management; incorporating predictive modeling into preventive care and health promotion activities; plan design and premium rate development utilizing predictive modeling techniques; considerations for data repositories, decision support and analytics; enhancing quality improvement through predictive modeling; the basic concepts and issues involved in predictive modeling; and much more.

The Summit also provides the ideal networking opportunity for professionals throughout all industry sectors to interact, develop future relationships, discuss shared experiences and meet key contacts.

  • Predictive Modeling Basics, Strategies and Demonstrating Value
  • Evidence-based Care Management: The Landscape for Predictive Models
  • Employer Adoption and Promotion of Predictive Modeling
  • A Predictive Model for Care Management
  • Applying Predictive Modeling to a Collaborative Practice Model
  • Expanding the Reach of Predictive Models: How Can you Combine Data from Various Sources Including Clinical, HRA, and Consumer Data
  • Disease Surveillance after Hurricane Katrina: Use of Predictive Modeling by a Medicare Advantage Health Plan
  • Verification of Predictive Modeling in the Management of Rare, Chronic Diseases
  • Predictive Modeling Strategies for Disease Management Programs
  • P&C's Predictive Modeling Evolution Points to Health Care's Revolution
  • Control Cost and Maintain Choice with Risk Adjustment
  • Quantifying Risk of Disability and Death using Medical Claims Data
  • Predictive Modeling and Consumer Driven Plans
  • The New Frontier - Incorporating Lab Values and HRAs into Predictive Models
  • Claims Prediction Model and the Simulation of Health Savings Account (HSA) Performance
  • Applying Pharmacy Data to Design Innovative Care Management Interventions in Medicaid Populations
  • Using Predictive Models to Identify Potential Underutilization and Overutilization
  • Assuring Quality Care, the Missing Link in PM - Transferring Risk Assessment Technology to the Exam Room During the Patient Encounter
  • Predictive Modeling of Emergency Department Operations: Effect of Patients' Length of Stay on ED Diversion
  • Legal Review of Obtaining Data Testing and Using New Models in Production
  • Predictive Analytics for Healthcare Prepayment Fraud Detection
  • Using Predictive Modeling to Enhance Group Underwriting
  • Maximizing the Value of Predictive Modeling: The BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee Experience


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